Building Design and Construction Services

We support building owners and project teams across the spectrum of development projects to optimize building design and construction practices. Services include:

▪︎ Energy, daylight, and comfort modeling
▪︎ Passive design analysis and optimizations
▪︎ Onsite energy generation and storage analysis
▪︎ Utility modeling provider (NYSERDA, Xcel)
▪︎ Healthy building design support
▪︎ Project financial analysis and incentive coordination
▪︎ Materials research, HPD and EPD integration
▪︎ Commissioning and M&V
▪︎ LEED-BD&C, ID&C, LBC, Well Building certification coordination



Existing Building Performance and Operations Services

We work with facility managers, building engineers, property owners, and corporate real estate personnel to improve building performance and implement best practices across operations through:

▪︎ Sustainability management planning and goal setting
▪︎ Auditing and re-commissioning
▪︎ Performance benchmarking
▪︎ Financial and utility rate analysis, incentive coordination
▪︎ Energy management
▪︎ LEED-EBOM certification
▪︎ Portfolio-wide planning and implementation



Community and Neighborhood Development Services

We support new and existing communities to become hubs of living and economic vitality through:

▪︎ Goal setting and framework development
▪︎ Energy master planning
▪︎ District infrastructure analysis, onsite renewables, cogen, + storage
▪︎ Outreach and education
▪︎ Integration of natural systems, habitat and water management
▪︎ LEED-ND, SSI, and EcoDistricts certification



Corporate Sustainability Services

We learn the culture and market of each organization we work with to develop a comprehensive approach for managing sustainability initiatives, and supporting the implementation of those initiatives. Services include:

▪︎ Workshop Facilitation
▪︎ Stakeholder Engagement
▪︎ Goal Setting
▪︎ Boundary Setting
▪︎ Industry Research
▪︎ Peer Baselineing
▪︎ Metrics Development
▪︎ Action Plan Development

▪︎ Initiative Management
▪︎ Staff and Stakeholder Training
▪︎ Research and Technical Support
▪︎ Market Intelligence and Industry Trending
▪︎ Metering and Data Management
▪︎ Ongoing training

Monitoring and Reporting
▪︎ GHG accounting
▪︎ CDP Reporting
▪︎ GRI Reporting
▪︎ Metrics review