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12/2015 Energy Star Portfolio Manager: The Unofficial Reference Guide
11/11/2015 Union Station Development Topping Off with 342 Condos
09/15/2016 Green and healthy buildings storm on, with or without LEED” – Josh Radoff
7/1/2015 The Rise of the Healthy Building Movement” – Josh Radoff and Alan Scott
5/28/2014 Colorado Convention Center Achieves LEED Gold
4/14/2014 Office Overhaul: Realogy Headquarters
3/17/2014 Casey Middle School Wins Learning By Design Grand Prize
12/23/2013 Power Lunch with Time Warner
12/05/2013 Sun and Wind Lead Renewable Power Boom
11/18/2013 Energies – LEED ND in Italy, Karin Miller Contributes
11/15/2013 YR&G Baseline Zero Project In the News
11/13/2013 How to Survive Winter in Your Apartment
11/01/2013 Sustainability and Yoga?
05/30/2013 Glazing Helps Keep a Glass Box Cool for Students
03/06/2013 “Behind the Scenes of OMA’s Latest Tower”
11/26/2012 ULI Fall Conference – Healthy Communities: A New Direction in Development
11/23/2012 Aria Denver – Newest Mixed-use Development Gearing Up to become Northern Gateway to Denver
10/19/2012 Lauren Yarmuth named a LEED Fellow by USGBC
10/19/2012 With the help of YR&G New York’s City Hall is the 2012 Reconstruction Awards Platinum Winner
10/9/2012 Lauren Yarmuth interviewed in Becoming a Green Building Professional: A Guide to Careers in Sustainable Architecture, Design, Engineering, Development, and Operations
10/9/2012 Brittany Bliffen featured in the Fresh Perspectives bonus chapter of Becoming a Green Building Professional: A Guide to Careers in Sustainable Architecture, Design, Engineering, Development, and Operations
06/7/2012 With the help of YR&G Downtown Denver Partnership lauds six projects at annual awards
05/31/2012 YR&G helps Denver in The Right way to Engage Residents in Neighborhood Redesign
05/22/2012 Lauren Yarmuth speaks at Columbia University about Sustainability fo Smart Business
04/20/2012 Josh Radoff speaks at RM-AESP switch~ event – Why My Mother Bought a Prius, and Other Stories of Getting People to Care About Sustainability
02/02/2012 Josh Radoff’s post for Tork Better Business Center – Benchmarking Performance for Sustainable Healthcare Facilites
02/01/2012 Western Restaurant News Magazine. Josh Radoff interviewed – Think Green, Greening Your Restaurant: Are You up For the Sustainability Challenge? (page 51)
01/27/2012 Josh Radoff quoted on Occupant Engagement in Post Green Tenants for Green Buildings
01/20/2012 The Earth Institute, Columbia University – YR&G LEED GA Training: LEED Green Building Skills Give Graduate Students an Edge
12/14/2011 Josh Radoff’s White Paper Engaging Building Occupants to Improve Sustainability Performance – Tork/SCA Tissue
11/21/2011 YR&G mentioned as part of RMI/BOMA workshop discussion: Social Design in Sustainability
11/16/2011 Josh Radoff’s post for Tork Better Business Center – ISAA: Where’s the Green?
11/14/2011 Josh Radoff’s post for Tork Better Business Center – What I Learned at AASHE
11/11/2011 Josh Radoff’s post for Tork Better Business Center – Metrics Magic
11/07/2011 Josh Radoff’s post for Tork Better Business Center – When Do We Get to Stop Being Green? – The Future of Sustainability
11/01/2011 Josh Radoff’s editorial: Colorado Sustainable Design Awards and Doing More With Less – CoBiz Magazine
10/26/2011 Josh Radoff’s Featured White Paper: Higher Education – The Vibrant Epicenter of a Sustainable Future – Tork News
10/05/2011 Lauren Yarmuth as Master Series Speaker at Greenbuild Toronto: Fostering a Sustainability Culture (@ 40 minutes)
10/05/2011 Yetsuh Frank Blogging at Greenbuild Toronto: Part 1 – Part 2 –  Part 3 – Part 4
9/28/2011 ENR Mountain States gives Casey Middle School 2011 Best Overall Project of the Year Award
9/20/2011 YR&G as a Partner Offering Expertise for NRDC’s Center for Market Innovation/Clinton Global Initiative Commitment
Press Release  
& Intro Video featuring Lauren Yarmuth (@2:05)
9/14/2011 EcoStrategy Alliance (ESA) Webinar: Lauren Yarmuth on Activating Green Buildings – How to Engage Occupants and Operators
Archived Presentation
08/16/2011 CALMAC to obtain LEED Gold Certification
07/28/2011 Rebuilding a greener Big Easy Listen to the podcast of YRG’s latest discussion on Urban and Building Integrated Agriculture: Part 1 & Part 2
03/16/2011 Josh Radoff on “Seven Simple Steps to ‘Go Green’ On St. Patrick’s Day”
08/26/2010 Josh Radoff’s post for Tork Better Business Center – Caught up in Greenwash? Learn How to Break Free
08/06/2010 YRG featured in Verdantix Report “Smart Innovators: Specialty Sustainability Consultants”
  CBS Interview with Josh Radoff on summer tips for being green
08/01/2011 Lauren Yarmuth featured in DesigNYC video as a founder of DesigNYC
06/22/2010 Interview of Jason Franken on low-cost tips for maximizing energy performance
03/10/2010 YRG facilitates waste audit with Baruch College, CUNY’s first! Video
  Jenny Carney new Vice Chair of SS TAG come August 2010 (pending LSC approval)
04/22/2010 Lauren Yarmuth panelist at NYC Housing Authority’s “Speaking Green”
05/11/2010 Integrated Design Meets the Real World (Environmental Building News)
02/11/2010 Lauren Yarmuth honored by NY Commercial Magazine as one of the Top Women in Commercial Real Estate 2010
  YRG is now a USGBC Education Provider with its first course approved for GBCI CE hours
11/25/2009 YRG and Josh Radoff featured on Urban Design Podcast
11/20/2009 How the West Was Warmed: Responding to Climate Change in The Rockies – Josh Radoff as Contributing Author
11/24/2009 Colorado Sustainable Design Awards: Beyond the call of green
11/01/2009 YRG Named one of 2009’s “100 Companies to Watch” by Entrepreneur Magazine
07/08/2009 LEEDuser Launched by Building Green with YRG as a Primary Content Provider