2016 HD Expo: The Evolution of Sustainability and the Built Environment

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The Evolution of Sustainability and the Built Environment:

Everything you need to know about healthy communities, greener transportation, and creating value in a decarbonized world, NEWH Green Voice Conversation, NEWH Booth L5


The fields of energy, human health, and transportation are shifting around us. Cheap solar, autonomous vehicles, a re-naturalization of the urban environment, the internet of things, and new innovative financing mechanisms, are causing a massive shift in our abilities to raise the quality of life, de-carbonized our societies, and create new ways to add and create value in the built environment. This session will review the disruptive forces transforming the world of sustainability and healthy places, and showcase the potential to impact projects and businesses in the hospitality industry.

(Moderator) Mary Ann Thornam, Academic Coordinator of Interior Design at The Art Institute of Colorado

(Speaker) Josh Radoff, Co-Founder & Principal at YR&G

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