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For companies and organizations, YR&G facilitates the development, adoption, and implementation of sustainability-related initiatives that are relevant and meaningful to specific company goals and industry expectations.

Engaging all aspects of the business, from buildings and infrastructure, to management, procurement, reporting, internal and external messaging, human resources, and staff training – we focus on establishing an appropriate strategic direction and associated action plan to drive key initiatives with measurable success in outcomes.

To accomplish this we endeavor to understand the inner processes and culture of an organization, as well as relevant industry and market trends, drivers, vulnerabilities, or opportunity areas that can inform the content and direction of sustainability initiatives. We work with key internal players and stakeholders to establish appropriate goals, and facilitate critical alignment around those goals that is translated into an actionable roadmap for the company moving forward.

Elements of the roadmap generally include a framework for internal initiatives such as design and planning criteria, corporate policies and processes, benchmarking, staff engagement, or more external initiatives such as reporting and third party certifications.

Once these sustainability initiatives are underway, we help companies to leverage their accomplishments and intentions through education, communications, and marketing and PR efforts to help convey a consistent and meaningful story, internally and externally, and build community around the implemented initiatives in a way that is engaging and substantive.

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