Tishman Speyer Portfolio

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Washington, D.C./Virginia, New York, Chicago

Project Summary

YR&G’s ongoing work with Tishman Speyer includes the development of strategies and tactical plans to enable Tishman Speyer to implement sustainability across the real estate portfolios they manage

in D.C., New York City, and Chicago. To date, YR&G has supported concurrent LEED-EBOM certification of seven multi-tenant office buildings located in and around the Washington, DC metropolitan area; certification of multiple New York City holdings,

including The Chrysler Building and Hearst Tower; and is most recently working with

Tishman Speyer building engineers and property managers in Chicago to optimize the energy performance of properties currently in pursuit of LEED certification.


YR&G Role

YR&G has been working with Tishman Speyer since 2007. At the scale of individual buildings, we work to benchmark their current sustainability performance against standardized metrics, develop plans for implementing changes to existing operations, including financial budgeting associated with LEED-driven enhancements, and coordinate comprehensive green education and occupant engagement programs. At the corporate scale, we provide support in standardizing sustainable practices, where appropriate, across their operations through the continuous development of their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as developing and disseminating information related to LEED and sustainable operations practices through toolkits and training.



  • Comprehensive green education and occupant engagement programs, including tenant guidelines, interactive tenant portals, and green education events
  • Both operational and minor capital energy conservation measures discovered and implemented to increase overall portfolio energy efficiency
  • Rolling plumbing fixture upgrades to meet both financial, tenant and LEED timelines
  • Comprehensive training program with engineering teams to inform them about sustainability processes and provide both consistency and support in documentation development
  • Development of an engineering toolkit designed to fully engage building engineers in the LEED energy auditing and indoor air quality procedures, so that engineers have the tools and skills to perform, on an ongoing basis, procedures for optimizing building efficiency and performance
  • LEED GA Trainings for Tishman Speyer employees in D.C., New York, and Chicago



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