Building Performance + Operations

YR&G works with building owners, managers, and operators to identify opportunities for sustainability-related initiatives in existing facilities, and to implement those initiatives with measurable success.

We take a broad approach to sustainability with an emphasis on building and occupant performance. Whether the focus is on asset value, short- or long-term cost savings, occupant productivity, health and well being, tenant communications, LEED certification, vendor management, or procurement and waste – our approach is rooted in project-specific, practical, and experience-based solutions.

To accomplish this, we  assess building and site performance based on observation, testing, benchmarking, technical audits, utility bill analysis, lease and standard operating protocol reviews, and conversations with the operations team and building occupants. We use this information to establish an overall strategy and approach, including specific action steps to ensure successful implementation.

We then guide the development and adoption of policies, data tracking and management systems, and overall improvements to the facility. This may include performing retro-commissioning services, guiding capital improvements, instituting management practices, collecting, managing, and analyzing data, coordinating certifications, providing education opportunities, implementing communications plans, or aiding building operators in performing their own continuous improvement process.

Performance + Operations Qualifications