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YR&G supports buildings, including their surroundings and interior spaces, from conceptual design through occupancy to realize a broad array of sustainable outcomes that are specific to the needs and context of each project. We use targeted processes and tools to enable informed and cost effective design decisions, including:

  • Facilitating integration and alignment among project teams and client organizations
  • Implementing relevant best practices, standards, and certifications (ASHRAE, LEED, Living Building Challenge, etc.)
  • Conducting modeling and analysis (energy, daylight, cost-benefit, comfort)
  • Providing research and design support (product and material selection, plan and specification reviews)
  • Supporting high efficiency in ongoing building performance and operations

Our approach includes both technical depth and a broad strategic perspective. We work to apply relevant best practices from across the industry, and guide projects to meaningful and appropriate solutions. We support detailed decision-making and design directions by conducting research and technical analysis to enable project teams to efficiently and cost effectively realize their sustainability goals.

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