Building Design + Construction Services

Modeling (E/D/C/CBA)

YR&G provides climate responsive energy, daylight, and comfort modeling and analysis to optimize building performance. We provide first cost, cost-benefit, incentive, and cash flow analysis to support financial decision making regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. Modeling, which should begin in concept or early SD phases, can include feedback on overall building performance, or specific guidance on massing, orientation, envelop design (including shading), mechanical systems, lighting, plug loads, controls and feedback.


YR&G assists design teams in the research, selection, and specification of chemically and environmentally benign materials. This includes interaction with materials databases (e.g. Pharos, Declare, GreenWizard), LEEDv4 compliance, strategic Red List research and documentation for Living Building Challenge projects. YR&G is working with several architectural product manufacturers on transparency efforts including HPDs and EPDs.

Healthy Buildings + Communities

YR&G assists design and construction teams in the development and implementation of project-specific healthy buildings and community frameworks by incorporating health-related metrics and strategies ranging from daylight, biophilia, active design, materials selection, air quality, water quality, food access, and community connectivity. We also champion the pursuit of healthy building rating systems such as LEEDv4, WELL Building, Enterprise Green Communities, the Sustainable Sites Initiative, the Living Building Challenge, and other certifications through the creation of a healthy building framework, overall sustainability strategy and design assistance, and commissioning services.

Net Zero Energy + Living Buildings

YR&G can provide analysis and develop a strategic approach (including efficiency, renewables integration, financing and program) to achieving net-zero energy and water on site as well as an overall LBC strategy. We’ve worked on several NZE/LBC projects and as industry leaders have held LBC Collaborative Co-Facilitation roles in the Chicago, Portland and Front Range regions and have an LBC auditor on staff.

Rating System Navigation

YR&G helps clients select and either pursue certification under the various built environment rating systems that have become relevant drivers in the industry, or select the right group of metrics and strategies from these rating systems to create an overall sustainability framework for a given project. YR&G’s rating system expertise includes LEED (all rating systems), WELL Building, Enterprise Green Communities, the Sustainable Sites Initiative, the Living Building Challenge, NZE certification, and BIT Building.

Financial Analysis

To help translate investment decisions regarding energy, water or health related measures, YR&G assists clients with identifying and leveraging incentives, tax credits, and alternative financing programs as part of our cost-benefit/ROI and cash-flow analysis. We have experience with implementing PACE financing, various utility incentive programs including NYSERDA, Xcel, and Energy Trust of Oregon, and we are a technical service provider for Oregon SEED, Xcel, and NYSERDA.

Research + Technical Support

YR&G provides focused research in the areas of technologies, codes, health, and behavioral science and supports clients in using this research to integrate these products and technologies (e.g. advanced energy meters, glazing systems, air quality monitoring), and rationalize a given design direction (e.g. moving towards circadian lighting design or increased ventilation based on supportive research) or occupant engagement strategy.