June 8, 2017: Check out WSP’s Insights article on YR&G joining WSP

WSP USA has acquired YR&G, a consulting firm that specializes in sustainable consulting, education and analysis. Josh Radoff, a founding principal at YR&G, said he views this new partnership as an ideal fit for his staff of 24 engineers, building scientists, ecologists, construction managers and sustainable business specialists. For more information, check out WSP’s Insights article, HERE.... Read More »

June 7, 2017: YR&G Joins WSP USA

We are excited to share the news that YR&G has joined WSP USA, a global leader providing sustainable consulting and engineering services for the built and natural environment. For more than a decade, we at YR&G have dedicated ourselves to the advancement of sustainability. We have challenged ourselves to evolve along with the market, to provide direction and leadership, and to deliver a broad approach to sustainability that is forward-thinking, strategic, holistic and technically ... Read More »

February 9, 2017: Health Positive Design

Hosted by the USGBC Indiana's Central Branch,  YR&G Director John Mlade (LEED Fellow, WELL AP, Living Future Accredited) recently delivered a presentation on Health Positive Design. Health Positive has re-emerged as a major design driver. Reaching far beyond life safety considerations, this presentation will address current ideas and trends that have the potential to reframe our conversations with peers, project teams and clients. From materials selection through active design, u... Read More »

August 23, 2016: Health Rating Systems Comparison

Josh Radoff: With the emergence of health as a driver in planning, design, construction, and operations of built environment projects, a handful of healthy building rating systems to address and measure associated strategies and determinants has developed along side it. Those in the sustainability field will point out that health has always been a core component of a truly sustainable development project, the absence of which reduces the effort to a de-humanized energy efficiency or resour... Read More »

April 21, 2016: The WELL Building Standard Webinar at USGBC Colorado

Check out Josh Radoff's 45-minute review of the WELL Building rating system for Healthy Buildings.  He digs into the mechanics of the certification process, the value proposition for healthy buildings, and some specific feature details to give a sense of how WELL works in practice and how it adds value to a building project. Webinar HERE  ... Read More »

March 3, 2016: Is Net Zero Energy Right For You?

Josh Radoff: A few years ago, the chances that a new building project would target net zero energy (NZE) was pretty slim. There were a few notable projects pursuing this goal (e.g. NREL’s RSF building in Golden, CO, the Bullitt Center in Seattle), but in the main, NZE was largely not a part of the sustainability dialogue for most projects. This isn’t surprising, as getting to NZE requires a perfect storm of deep energy efficiency coupled with the ability to economically produce enough ene... Read More »

January 9, 2015: DHA Mariposa Development Earns LEED-ND Gold!

Denver Housing Authority (DHA) created the Mariposa Redevelopment in order to replace 270 existing public housing units with a transit oriented development containing between 800 and 900 affordable and market-rate units, mixed-use retail spaces, 100 senior housing units, and a host of new community amenities. The site is adjacent to an existing light rail station, which provides a direct link to existing and future public transit lines. Already, this development is seen as a national model fo... Read More »

September 4, 2013: YR&G an Approved Provider for Xcel’s Energy Design Assistance (EDA) Program

YR&G is now an Energy Design Assistance (EDA) program provider for Xcel Energy’s Colorado territory.  The EDA program helps project teams reduce costs and optimize building performance by providing cash rebates on energy reductions, and offsetting some or all of the cost of building energy modeling services. Incentives vary and are based on a project’s energy use and demand reductions, but on average, participants in the EDA program receive approximately $92,000 in incentives, plus an ... Read More »

December 7, 2012: More on USA Today Story “In U.S. building industry, is it too easy to be green?”

Josh Radoff: 0 USA Today’s story by Tom Frank titled  “In U.S. building industry, is it too easy to be green?” caused a bit of a stir in the LEED/green building world. In general, the article reads like a case of the author not fully understanding the basic intent or functionality of LEED, perhaps reflecting a more broadly held misunderstanding shared by the general public. Two people who were interviewed by the author have written in-depth responses: Nadav Malin does a great job exp... Read More »