AffiliationsFirm Overview: YR&G, a WSP company, is a sustainability consulting firm of over 20 professionals comprised of engineers, architects, building scientists, ecologists, construction managers, and sustainable business specialists with presence in New York City, NY; Denver/Boulder, CO; Chicago, IL; and Portland, OR. We work with clients across the US and internationally, providing industry thought leadership, and striving to articulate a vision of implementable sustainability for a broad spectrum of clients. Founded in 2006, we have maintained a reputation as one of the foremost forward-thinking niche firms in our industry, having helped establish LEED and other rating systems in the market place, and providing a level of service characterized as thoughtful, capable, and technically rigorous.

We are an outcome and relationship-based organization. We specialize in working closely with clients to understand their ongoing goals and needs, and helping them navigate complex landscapes and dispatching the right services and expertise to realize meaningful results. We work with private developers, municipalities, public development authorities, school districts, architecture and construction firms, property management companies, building owners and corporate sustainability groups, all of which are motivated by one or a series of common drivers, including brand identity, marketability, sustainability leadership, risk mitigation, worker productivity and retention, occupant/resident engagement, positive health and wellness outcomes, and code and corporate compliance.

In May, 2017, YR&G joined WSP USA, the U.S. operating company of international engineering firm WSP. As part of the firm’s high performance design group, Built Ecology, we are pleased to offer expanded sustainable design services and an enlarged footprint across the United States and internationally.

WSP is a worldwide leader in building design engineering, urban infrastructure, planning and transportation, and sustainability management, and has a long track record in delivering cutting edge sustainability solutions. With experts and established sustainability teams in the areas of high performance building design, climate and resiliency, enterprise sustainability management, and transportation and infrastructure, YR&G is joining a world-class sustainability firm.

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Firm Overview